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 Luciifera's behaviour

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PostSubject: Luciifera's behaviour   Fri Jun 01, 2012 12:33 am

@ Devil on refugia: Don't reply and then block the forum so I can't say anything back lol. I did talk to some guy you just recently removed from vice leadership he said he barely knew Nazgrel. But hey, why bother explaining it's not like you are gonna do anything right? Whatever I say you guys are just gonna deny and favor Luciifera because you are just scared of him and what he might do.

@ Luciifera: "Now get ur ass off our forum and get a life u fkn douchebag."
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So yeah, you get a life, faggot.
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PostSubject: Re: Luciifera's behaviour   Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:26 am

Yhapiro, you know some of your guildmates broke all records when it comes to online times, so don't use it against anyone. It's very easy to use the same argument to "attack" your guild, but no, we will not do that.

- "Whatever I say you guys are just gonna deny and favor Luciifera because you are just scared of him and what he might do"

Right & Wrong.

You are right on this part: "Whatever I say you guys are just gonna deny and favor Luciifera". Give us solid proofs and we will punish the player accordingly. You said one of the fairest players I know was botting, so bring me solid evidences and I will trust you. It's your word against his word, and in this case our rule (which you quoted in your other post) will ALWAYS prevail: EVERYONE IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

In the other hand, you are wrong on this part: "because you are just scared of him and what he might do". I'm not scared any bit, and I will give you some reasons why I shouldn't be scared:

1st: I can kick any Insane Member when they break a guild rule. I already did that SEVERAL times, and everyone in Insane knows that. That's why I'm the leader.
2nd: I'm not even playing anymore, why should I be scared of someone?
3rd: Non-pvp
4th: Luciifera will just scare me if he shows me his rl photo naked
and 5th and the most important reason I should not be scared: WE ARE ALL FRIENDS HERE. Someone who is your friend/colleague will never scare you.

We WILL favor Luciifera, YES, because he is our guildmate. You lured on Nazgrel and didn't bring us any proof he was botting, so the only proof we have here is your confession that you disturbed Nazgrel. Don't expect all of our members to act politely with you. You did the first shot, now face the consequences. I have nothing against you and I will not act like a kid with you, if I meet you in a hunting place someday I will respect you, but I'm not their mom to tell them how they should act. We have guild rules, and if they act according to our rules I have no reason to punish them. If one of our guild members gets lured/kicked from a hunting place, our guild rules allow all Insane Members to act like they want with that person. I'm not saying I will act like that with you, and I'm sure 90% of our guild won't, but some of us take other people's problems personal, that's exactly what happened here. It's a problem between you and Luciifera now, I can't do anything about that. As I said before, I will kindly ask you BOTH to forget each other, that's the best thing to do in my opinion. You both are a man, so act like one.
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Luciifera's behaviour
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