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PostSubject: Recruitment   Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:14 pm

Hello there!

Recently, we have changed our recruitment policy.  It is as follows, in the clearest way possible.  We want every potential member of our family to be aware of what goes on before they join the ranks.

1st Phase:

The applicant will make an application on the Application forum.  This will then be read by the Recruitment officer.  If the application is of a high enough standard, it will be passed on to our internal voting system. Please read the guideline thread about what to include in any application made!

Once the 1st phase of voting has begun, the applicant must wait up to 7 days to find out the result.  During this period, members will be discussing your application, and may contact the applicant about it.  They may also ask others who play on this server what sort of player he or she is.  If he or she has just transferred here from another server, we will almost certainly try to contact players they may have known there.

During the 1st voting phase, the must be at least a 60/40 split in favour of the application for it to reach the next stage.

2nd Phase:

From the moment the applicant joins, there will be a period of discussion on the forum about our newest addition.  This discussion is private.  No Youngling has access to the forum where this discussion is taking place.  Please be aware that we will not talk about every applicant, we may simply vote.

In the rank of Youngling, members may excluded from the guild should there a good enough reason for it.  Reasons include thing such as inactivity, poor English, luring etc.  Of course, all exclusions are at the discretion of the leader.

The applicant is in the trial phase for 30 days, and may be excluded or promoted at any point in this period.  Again, there will be a vote as to whether to keep the member or not during this period.  As before, there must be a 60% swing of positive answers.

Younglings must keep the same character in the guild for their trial period. Younglings cannot see the 1st or 2nd phase voting boards on the forum.

During the trial, you will be treated just the same as any other member.  You are never a lesser member of our guild, whether you are a part of our family for 15 days, or 15 years.


This post may change without notice.  Please check back regularly, particularly if you have a waiting application!


Poz Amie
Recruitment Officer
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