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 The Guild Scheme

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PostSubject: The Guild Scheme   Thu Jul 28, 2011 10:14 pm

The Insane Guild Scheme

I. Conflicts

Insane is a peaceful guild.  If you have a problem with anyone, try to be democratic and find a peaceful resolution. Violence is never desirable.

The Insane Guild Scheme

II. Ranks

You will enter the guild as a Youngling.  After 1 month of proven activity, you can be promoted to Citius.  You must keep a record of when you joined and ask to be promoted when you are eligible.  After a further 3 months of proven activity, you are eligible for a promotion to Fortius. If at the Fortius rank you decide to leave Insane, but after a short while then decide to return, you can rejoin the guild without an application. You will however have start at Youngling again.  After a full 8 months at Fortius (to the date), you will eligible for a promotion to Manus Dei.  However, whether you are allowed to be a Manus Dei, is totally up to the Dei.  Prodigium is a rank reserved for our founder - Master Dysan.  Sleeping Insanity is a rank that you gain on request, should you be retiring.  If you are at the Fortius and are inactive for more than 1 month, you will automatically be assigned this rank. Sleeping Insanity may not vote on new applications, but can write input in the voting process.  Our newest rank: Fidus, is a rank dedicated to those most loyal to the guild.  Often, members will join Insane, advance just 2 ranks and then not get any higher.  Every so often, the Dei and Manus Dei will discuss new holders of this rank.  If you have a long service to the guild, and have proven to be active, loyal and helpful, you may be promoted to this rank.  Finally, the rank Altius is for 2nd characters, to have a character here, you must first have a character in the Citius rank.  Younglings are treated just the same as every other member of the guild.  They have full access to the forums, and are allowed to assist in services.  If there is a service in which the Youngling wish to help, they will be expected to help out for free.  Of course, supplies will be paid for.  The only thing that a Youngling is fully excluded from is viewing new applications.

The Insane Guild Scheme

III. Discipline

If anyone should make a complaint about one of our members, there will be a full investigation - unless of course the complaint is from a blacklisted source.  Complaints made by antagonistic Refugians may also be disregarded.  However, do not be expect this to always be the case.  If you are found to be guilty, you will both have your rank reset to the rank below your current one, and have the timer reset for your promotion - or if the offence is bad enough, you will be excluded from the guild with no chance of readmission.  Moreover, if you are banished for anything under rule 3 in the Tibia rules, you will be excluded forever.  These rules are not definite, and can be changed at any time depending on personal situations.  The Insane Official Rulebook is kept in the meeting room of our guildhall.  Remember, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

The Insane Guild Scheme

IV. Our Aim

The aim of Insane is to have fun.  If someone is giving you a problem within the guild - talk about it either with them or with one of the leaders.  Your guild mates will try their hardest to keep peace and make you happy in your membership. If you want to hunt, tell someone! If you need help with a quest, tell someone!

The Insane Guild Scheme

V. Are You Insane Enough?

You better hope that you are, because if your loyalty to Insane is disproved during your membership, you can expect to be asked to leave.  Upon expulsion from Insane, you will always be asked politely to leave so we can part on good terms.  However if you refuse, you will be excluded and blacklisted.  Expect no respect from Insane once you are on our blacklist.

The Insane Guild Scheme

VI. Services

Insane is probably best known for it's services.  We were the first guild on Refugia (and some say in Tibia) to offer a full (and successful) Pits of Inferno quest service for free.  We intend to continue delivering this success.  If you wish to host a service, you must follow some certain rules.  Only ranks Citius and above can host a service.  Citius can only host services such as the Necromancer quest and Behemoth quest.  Fortius can host quests such as Banuta and Formorgar, and finally, only Fidus and above can attach their name to a Pits of Inferno, Inquisition or Wrath of the Emperor quest service.  If you are Citius or Fortius, you must gain permission from 2 Manus Dei members & the current Dei, before you can host your service under [Insane].

The Insane Guild Scheme

VII.  Recruitment

While gaining an invite to Insane is difficult compared to other Refugian guilds, there are very few requirements for new applicants.  Prospective members must be level 80 or above, are active and have a comprehensive understanding of English.  Once an application has been written on the guild forum, the Recruitment Officer will give a rough judgement of the application.  If it passes this first test, the application will be forwarded to Phase 1 of the internal voting system.  Here, the application will stay for up to 7 days, where members of the Citius, Fortius, Fidus, Manus Dei and Dei rank will vote on them. If the 1st Vote is successful, the applicant will be invited to join the guild as a Youngling, where they will begin the 2nd Phase of Voting; their trial.  After 30 days, the full members of the guild will have voted whether to keep the new member.  Both of these voting processes require at least a 60/40 split for yes and no answers for the application to be accepted.  All discussions that take place about a player who holds the rank of Youngling, take place on a private forum.  The applicant need not know what is being discussed, nor do they need to know who or how many people say no during the 2nd Phase.
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The Guild Scheme
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